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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Following on from Doug's video, Valda Bailey published her video, challenging us to create an image from something that was in our home which portrayed one's feelings about lockdown. You can find the video here - again, well worth watching - as 1.4k viewers have already found!

I found this harder as before it was simply a case of making an image but this was 'themed'. Much trial and error resulted in 'Vortex' - supposed to symbolise the whirling thoughts in my mind as we all try to grapple with the problems and consequences of lockdown. This was inspired using a beautiful Japanese lacquer vase that I was given when I went to Japan a few years ago.

I was absolutely thrilled to hear that this was a joint winner and delighted to receive my prize of a personally printed copy of the image, delivered by Valda.

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