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Dreaming in Shades of Blue  | Fine art photography by Alison Buchanan | East Sussex photographer specialising in fine art photographic expressionism.


Hi, I'm Alison. I'm an abstract fine art photographer based in East Sussex.

Through this type of photography I have discovered a love of art and the use of colour.  It is exciting to push the boundaries and explore this new world.

Alison Buchanan Fine Art Photographer East Sussex


Following an accident where I broke my leg badly, I couldn't physically continue the long days that came with being a wedding and family photographer.


I was not sure what direction my photography would take from there.


I have always been inspired by light and shadows, but I had to learn to love photography all over again because it had become just work and the only time I picked up my camera was for clients. 


Over the past few years I have become immersed in photographic expressionism - following an online course with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey I developed a love for abstract photography using colour, form and different camera techniques to produce images.  


I believe that learning more about art can help us appreciate our surroundings and connect with the elements which surround us.  I take particular inspiration from the sea as well as the nature that surrounds us in the everyday, and that we might not always stop to appreciate.

Windows of your soul | Fine art photography by Alison Buchanan

Wall Art

All images are available to purchase for your own home, please contact me below for more details

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